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Jordan , Monday 03 August 2020

News Jordan » Health: Netflix-tip: The Last Dance over het leven van basketbalicoon Michael Jordan

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Publicated on: Friday 24 July 2020

Ook al heb je nog nooit een basketbalwedstrijd gezien, de naam Michael Jordan is je vast niet ontgaan. Deze sportlegende wordt beschouwd als de beste basketballer ooit dankzij zijn successen met zijn ...

News Jordan » Health: The Latest: Sao Paulo state tops 20,000 COVID-19 deaths

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Publicated on: uesday 21 July 2020

Brazilian authorities say the country’s Sao Paulo state has topped 20,000 deaths from COVID-19, while the nation as a whole has recored more than 80,000 fatalities due ...

News Jordan » Health: What do students lose when they don’t go back to classrooms?

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Publicated on: Friday 31 July 2020

As children gather in reading circles, do multiplication races on the whiteboard or peer into science lab microscopes, it’s easy to recognize that schools are a house of learning. But a lot more goes ...